Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem

The Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem for the Study of German-Jewish History and Culture is an international academic research institute established to promote research into German and Central European Jewry in the modern era and to further the liberal heritage of German Judaism in contemporary Israeli society.
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The Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem is proud to present the new newsletter for Rosh HaShanah

Happy New Year

We are happy to present our new newsletter and invite you to be impressed by the extensive activities of the institute in the past year.

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The Leo Baeck Institute is proud to present the joint project

 The “Mitteilungsblatt” of the Association of Israelis of Central European Origin

German-Jewish immigrants have contributed hugely to shaping Israeli society in settlement, academia, politics, culture, economics and many other areas. All these contributions are reflected in the newsletter (Mitteilungsblatt, or MB) published by the Association of Israelis of Central European Origin.
In 2022, all newspaper editions were scanned in a joint project of the Association, Leo Baeck Jerusalem Institute, and the University of Frankfurt, with the generous support of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior. Marking the 90th anniversary of the Fifth Aliyah (the immigration wave from Central Europe), from March 2023, all MB issues from 1932-2005 will be available on the Compact Memory website, dedicated to the German-Jewish press. click here

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We are excited to launch the exhibition project

“Have you seen this book”

The Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem together with Leo Baeck Institute London and the association Freunde und Förderer des Leo Baeck Instituts are preparing a hybrid exhibition project centered on the Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums and the remnants of its library.

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Journal for the Study of German-Jewish History

Call for Papers – CHIDUSHIM

Chidushim is a peer-reviewed academic journal published annually in Hebrew under the auspices of the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem. We invite established and young scholars to submit original unpublished papers to the journal’s editorial board.

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What remains of Noether?

Call for researchers

We call upon researchers at any academic stage to join a research group that will be active in the 2022/23 academic year.

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News & Updates

קול קורא לקבוצת מחקר במכון ליאו בק ירושלים

יהדות גרמניה, מזרח ומגדר

קול קורא עיר ללא יהודים: אזהרה אירונית או חזרה גנרלית?

מקבץ אירועים לציון 100 שנה לצאתו של הסרט לאקרנים
ממקימי מכון ליאו בק - משמאל לימין: עקיבא ארנסט סימון, שמואל הוגו ברגמן ומרטין בובר
From left to right: Akiva Ernst Simon, Shmuel Hugo Bergman, Martin Buber. Photo: David Rubinger, Yedioth Ahronoth
Upcoming Events

Zoom Webinar, Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem

An Evening in honor of the book The Oppermanns by Leon Feuchtwanger

Zoom Webinar and YouTube Live

Opening lecture in the online series: Boycott, ostracism, removal

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