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The Archive is receiving new archival materials pertaining to history of German-speaking Jews. Please contact the archivist for further details.

The archive of Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem is a central part of the research and
memorialization activity of the Institute and contains hundreds of personal, familial
institutional collections. The archive collections include variety of historical
documents from the late eighteen century until the end of the twentieth century,
documenting the lives of Central European Jews in their origin counties, as well as
the countries they migrated to over the years. Among the archival materials one can
find memoirs, diaries, correspondences, photographs, etc., pertaining to family and
community life, Wissenschaft des Judentums research, experiences of World War I,
migration stories, Zionist activity, Aliyah and more.
The Institute’s archive also contains the Austrian Heritage Collection, which includes
hundreds of questionnaires and audio and video interviews, made with Israelis from
Austrian origin, discussing their experiences before and after leaving Austria
following the Nazi occupation.
In addition to the historical collection, the archive holds the internal archive of Leo
Baeck Institute Jerusalem, which includes various documents about the activity of
the Institute since its foundation in 1955. This collection includes materials by Martin
Buber, Gershom Scholem, Ernst Simon, Siegfried Moses and others.

In 2022 the LBI Jerusalem completed the digitation of it historical archive, in cooperation with the Leo Baeck Institute New York and with the support of the German Foreign Office. The high-quality scans uploaded to the LBI New York platform DigiBaeck which is part of the online catalog of the Center for Jewish History in New York, and they are now accessible from around the world. The digitation project is made in cooperation with the Leo Baeck Institute New York and can be realized with the support of the German Foreign Office.

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