Annual International Conference of the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem

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200 Years of the Science of Judaism: Historiography, Ideology and the Challenge of a Usable Past

In collaboration with: The Historical Society of Israel, The Institute for the History of the German Jews (Hamburg), Wissenschaftliche Arbeitsgemeinschaft of the Leo Baeck Institute, Cymbalista Synagogue and Jewish Heritage Center (Tel Aviv), The Institute of Jewish Studies (University of Antwerp), The Center for Jewish Studies (University of Basel)

The conference will focus on the history and historiographical aspects of the Science of Judaism (Wissenschaft des Judentums), from its beginnings in the early 19th century Germany, its geo-cultural diffusion, up and till contemporary Jewish Studies. We will examine the interaction between the various moments and centers of Jewish studies, their inter-connections and synergies as well as methodological and thematic divergences or disagreements. The unique characteristics of each of the regnant centers of the discipline will be considered. A special emphasis will be given to the present situation of Jewish Studies, its concerns and interests, its challenges as well as its future prospects.

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