The 25th anniversary of the Washington Principles was marked by a remarkable event, now available for viewing online. This event, hosted by Leo Baeck Institute New York and the Yeshiva University Museum, featured a keynote address by Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat, the architect behind the agreement that has reshaped the landscape of restitution of cultural objects.
Kinga Bloch shares insights into organizing a forthcoming “Library of Lost Books” Search Day at Leo Baeck College London, detailing an on-site visit and thorough planning efforts to ensure an exciting Search Day for our book detectives.
Preparations for the project launch in Britain are well underway. Read more about a spin-off exhibition, a partner workshop and other activities preparing the arrival of the Library of Lost Books in the UK.
On November 28, 2023, ‘The Library of Lost Books’ made its debut at the Berlin State Library. Read more about the opening event here.
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