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Displaced Heritage: German-Jewish Migration and Cultural Transfer in the 20th Century

We invite applications from scholars to join an international research group.

German-Jewish history, before and after the Second World War, was marked by an intense mobility. This includes Jewish immigration to Weimar Germany following WWI, large-scale flight from the Reich during the 1930s and the post-war emigration of Holocaust survivors. These movements of people had a huge impact on the life of German Jews and have attracted increased scholarly attention within the last decades. Today, a well-developed body of research discusses political, social, cultural, religious, and economic aspects of German-Jewish migration.

Our research group aims to contribute to this scholarship by advancing a material perspective on 20th century German-Jewish history and by focusing on the transfer of cultural property as an inseparable part of the migration experience. We are especially interested in the fate of Jewish cultural objects – private belongings and communal assets – which were brought by Jewish migrants or their successors to new locations and thereby detached from their previous homelands. Our research group aims to explore this very detachment in order to illuminate the fate of (German-)Jewish cultural heritage in a transnational context. By examining the different historical trajectories of Jewish cultural objects, we would like to discuss the conditions that influenced their movement as well as their status and development in the new surroundings. Simultaneously, we aim to explore the relationship between the transfer of German-Jewish assets and the transfer of knowledge, practices and ideas. Our ultimate goal is to shed light on the fate of displaced German-Jewish heritage and to reflect on its wider implications for German-Jewish history.

Our research group seeks to bring together emerging and established scholars engaging with German-Jewish cultural transfer in the 20th century from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Applications might include projects that focus on personal belongings, communal property, libraries, archives, works of art, ritual objects etc. M.A. students, Ph.D. candidates and early career academics are especially encouraged to apply. The research group will hold monthly online meetings, starting April 2024. Each session will be devoted to discussing the participants' research projects. In the first stage, the group will work together for the duration of one year (until April 2025).

Scholarships for untenured participants will be considered. All participants will be expected to participate in the monthly meetings and present their research. Everyone will be encouraged to contribute a paper to be published at one of the institute’s publication platforms.

Applicants are requested to submit:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Research proposal (1-2 pages)

All applications shall be written in English and submitted until January 31 at: leobaeck@leobaeck.org

Decisions will be made until January 2024 and applicants will be informed accordingly.

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