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The Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem offers a framework for discussing studies in disciplines related to German Jewry in the context of pre-statehood Palestine and the State of Israel via feminist and class intersections.

The working premise of this group is the recognition that the history of German Jewry, its cultural, literary and scientific tradition, can inspire relevant research questions on the Orient and a renewed critical gaze on its interpretation and reception. Despite never free of panic, overindulgence and prejudice, the Orient calls for our attention and review. The question of the Orient is integral to the question of masculinity and queer existence.

When asking about the Orient with German Jewry, however, and when we identify the gender implications of its projects – in literature, cultural studies, Jewish and Islamic studies, sociology and law – we may also inquire about German culture, from Luther to Goethe and Tomas Mann, and tie this canonic tradition together with the Jewish question, and its companion, the Arab question.

During group meetings, the participants will present their research projects and lead a discussion that is also informed by primary sources. We invite researchers of Germany (with emphasis on its Islamic communities, both Turkish and Palestinian) and of German Jewry of all disciplines to participate, but we will also welcome researchers of Israel and Palestine studies.

 Graduate and doctoral students admitted to the research group will be entitled to a modest research grant by the Leo Baeck Institute. We also invite established and independent researchers to submit their candidacy.

The research group will hold up to eight online sessions over the next academic year. The discussions will be held in Hebrew, apart from cases where the members choose to use English or German, or the three languages combined.

Moderator: Dr. Hannah )Omri( Ben Yehuda is a researcher of Jewish literature at Lille University. She studies works by Thomas Mann, Kafka, and Agnon, together with Mizrahi and Holocaust literatures.

Please send a brief document with one paragraph describing your current research, another addressing your general views on the subjects mentioned above, as well as a paragraph describing a text from which you would like to read together. Please submit this document to:

Dr. Ben Yehuda,

Ms. Raya Michaeli, at

Deadline for submissions: November 10, 2023

First session: January 2024, TBD

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