June 6, 2024
אתר YNET על מיזם התיעוד החדש של מכון ליאו בק ירושלים, אוניברסיטת גתה בפרנקפורט והספרייה הלאומית בירושלים
June 4, 2024
כל העיר על הכנס “אריך הכפול” לציון 50 שנה למותו של אריך קסטנר
March 31, 2024
Recently, the Hebrew edition of the book “Rabbi Leo Baeck: Living a Religious Imperative in Troubled Times” was published, a comprehensive book that tells the life story of Baeck, one of the most significant Jewish religious thinkers of the twentieth century. The author of the book, Prof. Michael Meyer published a column in the “Israel Hayom” newspaper, in which he gives a small taste of the contents of the book and the active life of Rabbi Leo Baeck.
March 27, 2024
In March 2024, an event was held in honor of the new translation by Prof. Nitza Ben Ari of Lion Feuchtwanger’s book “The Oppermanns”. After the event, David Witztum published a column in the “Maariv” newspaper linking the events of the book with the calls for the elimination of Israel in the Diaspora, calling on the Jews of the Diaspora to understand their inevitable connection to the Jews of Israel.

An Interview with Anita Haviv-Horiner on Channel 12

February 1, 2024
In February 2024, the third session of the Oral History Workshop took place on the topic of “What’s New in Europe? – Israelis Look at Antisemitism Today”. During this meeting, we discussed Anita Haviv-Horiner’s book “Nothing New in Europe?” which provides a didactic tool for identifying and combating antisemitism in various educational settings. Prior to the event, Haviv-Horiner was interviewed by Channel 12, where she discussed her book and the state of European antisemitism today, including events leading up to October 7th.
February 1, 2024
In 2022, the Rapaport family donated the archives of Kibbutz Alpha founders, Eliyahu and Sarah, to the LBI Jerusalem archive. This collection, featuring handwritten documents, drafts, diaries, certificates, and photos, showcases the couple’s influence in the Jewish communities of Austria and Israel in the early 20th century. Over the past year, the LBI’s archive team and volunteers from Germany and Austria have sorted and cataloged the materials. Once fully scanned, the collection will be accessible to the public. An article about the Rapaport archive was published in the Israeli Tablet “Zman Kibbutz.”
January 28, 2024
In January 2024, , the first meeting of the “Mourning Work” series took place, first of two meetings focused on memory, commemoration, and dealing with trauma. During the first session, Prof. Vered Vinitzky-Seroussi and Dr. Gali Drucker Bar-Am engaged in a conversation titled ” How To Remember? On Commemoration in the Past and the Present”, moderated by Dr. Aya Elyada. Preceding the event, Prof. Vinitzky-Seroussi discussed the challenges of commemorating October 7 in an interview with the Israeli radio station “Reshet Bet” (starting at 11:12:28).
January 25, 2024
In January, the LBI Jerusalem hosted a discussion initiated by the Israel Historical Society on “Old/New Antisemitism? Between Past and Present.” Following the event, Prof. Shmuel Feiner, who moderated the discussion, published an article in the newspaper “Haaretz”.
January 8, 2024
In September 2023, an evening was held in honor of David Witzthum’s book – ”A Cultural Community on the Edge of an Abyss: The Kulturbund and the Jewish Press in Nazi Germany, 1933-1941.” As 2023 marked the 90th anniversary of the Kulturbund, Witzthum published an article on the Israeli newsite ynet, reviewing their controversial cultural enterprise and vision.
January 1, 2024
Before the third meeting of LBI Jerusalem’s annual lecture series, “Boycott, Banishment, Exclusion,” which explored the subject of “Agunot and Boycotts: Two-Voice Reading in Diverse Sources”, Dr. Noa Shasher discussed the impact of Halacha on Agunot on DemokratTV. She explained how, from the days of the Bible until today, Aginut remains relevant, binding women and preventing them to live their lives in maximum freedom.
December 28, 2023
In December, LBI Jerusalem hosted an evening in honor of Prof. Moshe Zimmermann, focusing on “Israeli Research on German History,” in honor of Zimmermann’s 80th birthday. Following the event, Zimmermann was interviewed by “Haaretz” in an interview paying tribute to his many years of fruitful research.
December 19, 2023
In December 2023, LBI Jerusalem held an evening dedicated to the book “Tree Trunks in the Snow: Four Jewish Authors” by Dekel Shay Schory. Before the event, Schory was interviewed by the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation’s radio program “Ma Shekaruch.” In the interview (starting from 09:46), Schory spoke about the comparison of four Viennese writers as she researched the works of Stefan Zweig and Joseph Roth, who wrote in German, and Gershon Schoffmann and David Vogel, who wrote in Hebrew.
November 29, 2023
In November 2023, an evening was held at LBI Jerusalem in honor of the book “In Other People’s Houses: Poles and Jews in Lower Silesia after 1945” by Anna Holzer-Kawałko, the LBI Jerusalem’s post-doctoral fellow. Before the event and following the book’s publication, Holzer-Kawałko was interviewed for the radio program “Ma Shekaruch” of the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation. Listen from 07:50.
October 29, 2023
What is the difference between boycott, banishment and exclusion? How is the boycott reflected in the Jewish tradition, and how relevant is this custom to our time? In the radio program “Ma Shekaruch” by literary critics Maya Sela and Yuval Avivi at Kan 11, Prof. Rachel Elior discusses the themes of “Boycott, Banishment, Exclusion”, the Institute’s new annual lecture series. You are invited to listen, starting at minute 19:20.

Interview with David Witzthum on his new book

September 6, 2023
In September 2023, an evening was held in honor of David Witzthum’s book – ”A Cultural Community on the Edge of an Abyss: the Kulturbund and the Jewish Press in Nazi Germany, 1933-1941.” Before the event, Witzthum was interviewed by DemokratTV where he discussed his book.
July 6, 2023
On July 2023, Dancer and choreographer Neta Pulvermacher had premiered her choreographic performance “The Archive” at the LBI Jerusalem.“The Archive” is an immersive experience placed in a spatial context within the LBI Jerusalem’s garden and archive. Listen to Neta’s interview about “The Archive” on KAN 11 (starting at minute 34:32).

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