LBI Year Book: 1992

Arnold Paucker (ed.)


זמינות: 5 במלאי

The 1992 volume includes essays on religious toleration, Jewish burial rites, historians of Jewry, the evolution of Jewish integration, Jewish historiography, Antisemitism in the European Labour Movement, Jewish national revival, psychiatry, Nietzsche and Judaism, countering racism in Imperial Germany, the Republican defence and Weimar Jewry, travelogues, diaries and novels by German Jews, survival in hiding, upholding the Third Reich in the British and US Armies. The contributors include Albert H. Friedlander, Werner E. Mosse, Jehuda Reinharz, Ismar Schorsch, David Sorkin, Guy Stern, Herbert A. Strauss, Jacob Toury and Robert S. Wistrich.

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