Scholarships and Awards

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Ossnat Sharon-Pinto

The 18th-century Old Yiddish Popular Novella: Rethinking Translation Theory and Folklore

עידו הררי Ido Harari

Ido Harari

Conversion to Otherness: The Dialectics of Isolationism within and out of Modern Europe

Yehudit dori deston יהודית דורי דסטון

Yehudit Dori Deston

Gabriel Bach and the Prosecution of Nazis in the State of Israel

Ilana Wartenberg אילנה ורטנברג

Ilana Wartenberg

The Mathematical Roots of the Haskalah

David Leitner Cohen דוד לייטנר כהן

David Leitner Cohen

A Different Path to Jewish Modernity: Jewish Responses and Influences on German Idealism and Anti-Liberal Thought in the Twentieth Century

עדי מולד Adi Molad

Adi Molad

Circus Mundi: The Poetry of Circus in German and Hebrew Modernism

אביתר ורמן Evyatar Varman

Evyatar Varman

On the Formation of a Religious Society: The ‘Exemplary It’ in Martin Buber’s Life and Thought

ירון ניסנהולץ Yaron Nisenholz

Yaron Nisenholz

The Literature of Ashkenazi Minhagim (Customs) in the Early Modern Period

Ofer Idels-CL

Ofer Idels

Sports, Zionism and German Jewry

גלעד שנהב

Gilad Shenhav

Void & Messiah: Gershom Scholem and the Question of Language

עומר אחיטוב

Omer Ahituv

Menachem Oldendorf and the Emergence of the Ashkenazi Diaspora in Early-Modern Italy

גיא פז (1)

Guy Paz

Ernst Müller’s Concealed Vision: On the Alliance of European Christianity, Esoteric Judaism, Anthroposophy and Zionism

יאיר יעקב (1)

Yair Yaacov, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

The Wisdom of the Past from the Perspective of Biblical Belief: The Philosophy of History in the Writings of Bible Scholar Yehezkel Kaufmann

מיכל פלס אלמגור

Michal Peles Almagor

Writing on the Edge: Home and Language in Hebrew and German-Jewish Literature in the 20th Century. Deals with Hebrew writers’ fantasies of belonging and passion for the German-speaking space, articulated in spit of Hebrew’s migration to Israel and its emergence as a language straddling the seam between Zionism and diasporism .

נעמה יגר (1)

Naama Jager Fluss

The Beginning of the Jewish Reform Movement in Germany and the Emergence of Jewish Religious Currents in 19th-Century Germany.

Idit Chikurel, Tel Aviv University

Salomon Maimon’s Theory of Invention

Chana Shacham-Rosby, University Ben Gurion of the Negev

Elijah the Prophet in Medieval Franco-German (Ashkenazi) Jewish Culture

Amit Levy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The New Orient: German-Jewish Orientalism in Palestine/Israel

Miriam Fenton, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The daily lives, identity, and social relations within the Jewish communities of Aragon and Shum, (1200-1347)

Irit Chen, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Purchasing Mission in Cologne between Israel and Germany, 1953-1965


Niels Eggerz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Converted through God’s Grace – Becoming like the other: Johan Kemper (Moses Aaron/Johann Christian Jacob) and his Commentary on the Zohar

Ahuva Liberles Noiman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Being a Convert in Late Medieval Ashkenaz

Ofer Margalit, Tel Aviv University of Jerusalem
Bridging the Breach between Mab and Reality, and its Ethical Meaning – Studies in the Works of Hans Jonas and Joseph Schaechter

Meirav Reuveny, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Polemics about the Hebrew Language in the Jewish Press in Hebrew, Yiddish and German 1856-1914

Dr. Gilad Sharvit, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Negation of Time: Messianism and Repetition in Modern Jewish Thought


Dr. Tzafrir Barzilay, Columbia University, USA
Well-Poisoning Accusations in Medieval Europe: 1250-1500.

Dr. Sigal Davidi, Tel Aviv University
Women Architects in the Land of Israel of the Mandate Period and the Creation of Social Modernism.

Dr. Yonatan Cahana, Aarhus University, Denmark
Gnosticism, Hans Jonas, and (the) Beyond: Mythology, Metaphysics and Bioethics in the age of Climate Change.

Dr. Anna Novikov, the Hebrew University
Between Kapota and Siurtuk: The Dynamics of East-Central European Jewish Clothing.

Dekel Shay Schory, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
To Live and write in linguistic exile: Jewish writers in the German-speaking sphere and their Linguistic selections (1900-1930).

Shai Nisan, the Hebrew University
Culture and Everyday Life in Nahariya, 1934-1948.


Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates:

Dina Berdichevsky:
‘Gvulot’ [Borders] periodical – the unwritten Hebrew manifesto in the metropolis of Wien, 1918.

Inbal Gur Ben Yitzhak:
R. Judah the Pious ‘Book of Angels’, A Critical Edition and Study of the Esoteric Traditions In the Early Esoteric Writings of the German Pietists

Rachel Furst:
Striving for Justice: A History of Women and Litigation in the Jewish Courts of Medieval Ashkenaz

Tuvia Singer:
Nationalism, Regionalism and Cosmology: Minorities and Foreigners in German Folk-Narratives in the Nineteenth Century

Ayana Halpern:
Female Pioneers in Social Work in Palestine: The Impact of Zionism and of the Jewish German Tradition upon the Emergence of the Profession“.

Orr Scharf :
Thinking in Translation: Scripture and Redemption in the Thought of Franz Rosenzweig.

The Scholarships are Funded by B’nai Brith Israel


Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates:

Adi Armon:
The Development of Leo Strauss’ Political Teaching From Weimar to America

Ido Bassok:
Aspects of Education of Jewish Youth in Poland between the World Wars in Light of Autobiographies by Jewish Youth from the YIVO Collection

Ido Noy:
Medieval Ashkenazi wedding jewelry and love tokens: Christian material culture in a Jewish context

David Rotman
The Marvelous in Medieval Hebrew Narrative.

Irit Youngerman:
In Search of a New Identity: European Born Composers in the Jewish Yishuv and Early Israeli Statehood, 1933-1958.

Avital Davidovich Eshed:
“How Then Could I Gaze at a Virgin”? The Concept of Virginity in Medieval Ashkenazi Jewish culture in Christendom

Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates:

Tali Gur: Professor Jacob Katz Award
“Das Licht aus Deutschland – Unsere Heimat”: Jewish Studies, identity and Culture in Post-unified Germany 1989-2009

Ido Harari
Converting to Otherness – The Dialectics of Differentiation in and from Modern Europe

Idit Chikurel: In Cooperation with B’nai Brith Israel
Salomon Mammon’s Theory of Invention

Ayelet Kaminetzky:
Seder Avodat Yisrael – Isaac Seligman Baer’s Linguistic Approach in Editing the Prayer Book

Scholarships for Post-doctoral Candidates:

Irit Katsur: In Cooperation with B’nai Brith Israel
Janus face of “The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms”. Epistemology and Cultural Philosophy in Cassirer’s Thought


Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates:

Manya Hermann: In Cooperation with B’nai Brith Israel
The Concept of Authenticity in Early German Zionism

Asaf Ziderman:
On Action and Dialogue in Martin Buber’s Thought: The Implications of a Dialogical Theory of Action for Contemporary Philosophy and Jewish Studies

Jan Kuehne:
The Dialectical Stage. Sammy Gronemann and the Early Hebrew Theater

Scholarships for Postdoctoral Candidates:
Professor Jacob Katz Award

Dr. Uri Ganani:
Historical Reflections on Innerlichkeit: Music and Ideology in German Jewish Modernism, 1900-1945

Dr. Noga Wolf:
Challenging the Myth. A Comparative Analysis of Uriel Tal’s Theory of Anti-Semitism

Dr. Yaniv Kadman:
The Life and Work of Moritz (Moses) Lazarus 1824 – 1903

Dr. Anat Kutner:
The Night in the Late Middle Ages in Ashkenaz

Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates

Dr. Noam Zadoff: Professor Jacob Katz Award
From Berlin to Jerusalem and Back: Gershom Scholem between Israel and Germany

Dr. Maoz Kahana
From Prague to Pressburg: Halakhic Writing in a Changing World, from the Noda bi-Zehudah to the Hatam Sofer 1730-1839

Avital Davidovich-Eshed: Dr. M. Greenwald Scholarship
“How then could I gaze at a Virgin”? The Concept of Virginity in Jewish Culture in Christendom

Hanan Harif:
The Revival of the Orient, Pan-Semitism and Pan-Antisemitism in the Zionist Discourse

Orr Scharf:
Thinking in Translation: Scripture in the Thought of Franz Rosenzweig

Dorit Yosef: In Collaboration with the Bodenheimer Foundation
Germany Doesn’t Want Us, Therefore We Have No Choice but to Want Israel: “Aliyah”, Life-Story and Identity of
Jewish-German Women Who Immigrated t the Land of Israel during the 5th Aliyah

Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates:

Dr. Gal Engelhard:
Legacy Tourism as a Memorial Project – Organized Visits of German-born Jews and their Offsprings to their German Cities of Birth, 2007-2008

Dr. Ilona Shteiman:
Illustrated Hebrew Manuscripts from the Hartmann Schedel Collection

Scholarships for Post-doctoral Candidates:

Dr. Tali Berner:
Children and Childhood in Early Modern Ashkenaz

Dr. Nathan Shifriss:
Shlomo Yehuda Rappaport (SHIR), 1790-1867: Torah, Haskala and the Wisdom of Israel, and the Beginnings of Modern Jewish Nationalism

Ada Gebel: In Collaboration with the Bodenheimer Foundation
The Poalei Agudath Israel Movement from Its Inception until the Second World War

Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates:

Dr. Uri Ganani:
Heroines, Singers and Spectators – Politics and Imagination in the Operatic Worlds of Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, 1909-1933.

Roni Hirsh-Ratzkovsky:
City, Alter-City – German Intellectuals writing on Paris, 1900-1933.

Maya Zack:
Living Room – Artistic Documentary Research Project.

Ido Litmanovitz:
The Connection between People and Objects, according to Georg Simmel and Walter Benjamin

Nurit Pagi:
From Conceptual Change to Poetic Change – Ethics, Politics and Poetics in Max Brod’s work

Daniel Kazin:
The Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany as Agents of Change in the Jewish Community in Scotland

 Scholarships for Post-doctoral Candidates

Dr. Asaf Yedidya:
Orthodox Alternatives to “Science of judaism” – Orthodoxy and ‘Science of Judaism’ Research, 1873-1938

Dr. Nimrod Singer
Ba’al Shem and the Doctor – Medicine in the Daily Life of German Jews

Maya Pinchas: In Collaboration with the Bodenheimer Foundation:
Between Scholar and Popularizer – The Historiographical Project of Dr. Simon Bernfeld (1860-1940).

Yonatan Charkey: In Collaboration with Yad Vashem
The Holocaust as Ethical Perspective – The Historiographic Doctrine of Uriel Tal

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