Call for Tenders: Production and Shipping Solution for Notebooks

We invite suppliers to submit their proposals for the production and distribution of notebooks based on the specifications outlined below:

Notebook Specifications:

  1. Format: A5, Hardcover.
  2. Cover: Textile (or plastic), white, no cover design (blank), sharp corners.
  3. Endpaper Printing: Printed endpapers (glued transition from book cover to inside pages).
  4. Inner Pages: At least 160 pages, 90g paper weight.
  5. Printed Inner Pages: 8 printed pages distributed throughout the notebook (printed in 4/4-color + 2 special colors – Pantone), the rest of the pages shall be blank.
  6. Page Grid: Preferably blank.
  7. Edition: 10,000 copies.

Production and Storage:

– Either staggered production or storage should be possible because the material is required at different times and in 11 different locations.

Shipping Information:

We require shipping cost estimates and possibilities to deliver to locations in Germany, Czech Republic, UK, US, and Israel. The shipping schedule and locations are as follows:

– October 26, 2023: Berlin (Germany) – 2 locations.

– November 2023: London (UK) – 1 location.

– December 2024: Los Angeles (US), New York (US) – 2 locations.

– February 2024: London (UK) – 1 location.

– May-June 2024: Prague (CZ) – 1 location.

– August 2024: Jerusalem (Israel) – 2 locations.

– Oktober 2024: Frankfurt, Heidelberg (Germany) – 2 locations.

We encourage all interested suppliers to submit their best offers by September 4, 2023. Proposals should include a comprehensive breakdown of costs, production schedules, and any other relevant details. Our evaluation criteria are cost effectiveness and sustainability. All queries can be addressed to Dr. Irene Aue-Ben-David at


Thank you for your attention and interest. We look forward to reviewing your proposals.

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