1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany: A Single History through Many Voices

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——————  A lecture series at Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem ———————

Facebook Live at 19:00 on the first Wednesday of the month

November 4, 2020  17 Heshvan 5781 – Introductory Lecture

Prof. Yfaat Weiss, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Dubnow Institute, Leipzig; Dr. Stephan Leit, The Israel National Library:

A Respectable Burial? German Jewry in Israel’s Archives

December 2, 2020  16 Kislev 5781 – Jewish Languages in the German Sphere

Dr. Aya Elyada, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jew, Speak German: Linguistic and Cultural Identity in the Annals of German Jewry

Dr. Mark Wolowitz, Birkbeck College, London University, German Jews and Their Language: A View from Eastern Europe

January 6, 2021  22 Tevet 5781 – Jewish – Christian Relations

Prof. Ephraim (Effi) Shoham-Steiner, Ben-Gurion University in the Negev: Jews and Christians in Medieval German Cities, Archaelogy Art and Remnants of the Past

Prof. Debra Kaplan, Bar Ilan University: Neighbors in a City Without Jews: Jews and Christians in Strasbourg in Early Modernity

February 3, 2021  21 Shvat 5781 – Between Heresy and Secularization

Prof. Shmuel Feiner, Bar-Ilan University: The Roots of Secularization and the Strategies that Shaped Modern German Jewry

Dr. Gilad Sharvit,Tucson University: Heresy and Secularization: Revisiting Deutscher’s The Non-Jewish Jew

 March 3, 2021  19 Adar 5781 – Homeland Landscapes

Prof. Tal Alon Moses, The Haifa Technion: Nature and Garden Among German Jews in Israel

Prof. Ofer Ashkenazi, The Koebner-Minerva Center of German History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Homeland Landscapes of the Third Reich in the Photo Albums of German Jews

April 7, 2021  25 Nissan 5781, Eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day – The Many Faces of Antisemitism

Prof. Yair Mintzker, Princeton University: The Jew Suess between Fiction and Reality

Dr. Tsafrir Barzilay, Ben Gurion University in the Negev: Poisoning the Well: Hatred of Jews in the Middle Ages and the Historical Residues it Left

May 5, 2021  23 Iyar 5781 – Gender and Masculinity in the Annals of German Jewry

Dr. Eyal Levinson, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: “Because My Soul Desired You and I Pledged You Undying Love”: On Masculine Love in the Communities of Ashkenaz in the Middle Ages

 Dr. Viola Rautenberg, The Bucerius Institute for the Study of Contemporary German Culture and History, Haifa University: How to be a Man in Eretz Yisrael? The Body, Gender, and Sexuality among German Immigrants in the 1930s

June 2, 2021  22 Sivan 5781 – Concluding Session: New Directions in Scholarship

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