The Relevance of Buber in Today’s Israeli Society: A Call to Anarchy, Since Then to the Present Day

Monday, 03/05/2021
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Martin Buber at the Leo Baeck Institute:

The Relevance of Buber in Today’s Israeli Society

Discussants: Prof. Shalom Ratzabi and Dr. Ofri Ilan
Chair: Dr. Rachel Freudenthal

In the first part of the lecture on the relevance of Buber’s social and political thought we shall ask what makes it anarchist thought. In the second part we shall trace the roots of Buberian anarchism to biblical theo-politics on the one hand and to modern political thought on the other. After addressing the place of Buber’s social-political thought within the tradition of anarchist thought and its two roots, we shall conclude by considering its relevance in our times.

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