A literary cabaret devoted to David Witztum’s book

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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship?

The Rapprochement between Israel and Germany: 1948-1960


Dr. Sharon Livneh, moderator, Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem

Prof. Christoph Schmidt, The Hebrew University

Between Berlin and Jerusalem – Reflections on Israel’s Berlin

Ms. Hila Lavie, The Hebrew University

On cultural imagination and the audio-visual image in the path to rapprochement between Israel and West Germany

Prof. Ofer Ashkenazi, The Hebrew University

Present but Absent: The origins of German culture in Israel, and how it disappeared


Mr. David Witztum,

Was it really a beautiful friendship? My own journey in the wake of the Israeli-German rapprochement

Entrance is free of charge subject to available seating


Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem

33 Bustenai St. Jerusalem, tel. 02-5644790

www.leobaeck.org / leobaeck@leobaeck.org

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*All our events are filmed and recorded


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