Displaced persons, Migrants, Refugees, Citizens – A Discourse of Identities

Friday, 08/04/2016
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A symposium concluding the events marking the 60th anniversary of the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem and the 50th anniversary of relations between Germany and Israel.

In conjunction with the Association of Jews of Central European Origin and the Tefen Museum of German-speaking Jewry

In the presence of the German Deputy Ambassador to Israel, Ms. Monika Iwersen

Moderator: Nadav Eyal

Introductory remarks:

Reuven Merhav – Chairman, Association of Israelis of Central European Origin

Prof. Shmuel Feiner – Head of the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem; Bar-Ilan University

Opening lecture:

Prof. Gabriel Motzkin – Head of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

First session: The politics of identities, power relations and sources of tension among communities in Israel

Second session: Between culture and cultures, hyphenated culture in Israeli literature and creative art


Historian and journalist Dr. Ofri Ilany

Journalist and member of the Presidency of the Association of Israelis of Central European Origin Micha Limor

Philosopher Dr. Shimon Azulay

Author and poet Yair Asulin

Author and poet Marzouk Al-Halabi

“Freicha – A Beautiful Name,” socio-political poetry that articulates the voice of the periphery.

Concept and dramaturgy: Sally Arkadesh

Director and dramaturge: Hannah Vazana Grunwald Actresses: Racheli Pinhas, Irit Sopran, Zita Zinger

Music: the Alaev Salon ensemble

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