Evening in the Memory of the late Prof. Itta Shedletzky

Thursday, 15/06/2023
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Itta Shedletzky was a professor of German and Jewish literature in the Department of German Language and Literature at the Franz Rosenzweig Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and one of the pillars of the study of German literature at the Hebrew University.
In addition to her publications dealing with Jewish-German literature in the 19th and 20th centuries, Prof. Shedletzky was the editor of a selection of Gershom Shalom’s letters published in four volumes on behalf of the Leo Baeck Institute, and co-editor of the critical editions of the poet Else Lasker Schüler’s works on behalf of the Franz Rosenzweig Center and in collaboration with universities and archives in Germany and Switzerland.

Evening in the Memory of the late Prof. Itta Shedletzky

Chairman: Prof. Benjamin Pollock
Greetings: Dr. Irena Aue-Ben-David
Words by the Family

Liora Bing-Heidecker
Dr. Lina Barouch
Dr. Karin Neuburger

Simultaneous translation into German will be possible on Zoom

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