Marking the publication of the book Rishumim – Hebrew and German poems by Amir Eshel, drawings by Gerhard Richter

Tuesday, 04/12/2018
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Prof. Galili Shahar, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Uzi Agassi, curator and publisher at Even Hoshen

Dr. Lina Barouch, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the German Literary Archive, Marbach

Dr. Giddon Ticotsky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Jan Kiene, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Amir Eshel, Stanford University, California

Poems read by Jan Kiene (in German) and by Giddon Ticotsky (in Hebrew)

Moderator: Dr. Amir Engel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Entry is free of charge, subject to availability of seating

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