On the Relevance of Martin Buber to Contemporary Israel Society

Monday, 19/04/2021
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Martin Buber at the Leo Baeck Institute

The Relevance of Buber in Today’s Israeli Society

19.4.2021                    Right, Identity, and Citizenship

                                    Introductory remarks: Prof. Paul Mendes Flohr

                                    Welcoming address: Prof. Galili Shahar

                                    Discussants: Prof. Rivka Feldhay and Prof. Raif Zarik

                                    Chair: Dr. Yemima Hadad

26.4.2021                    I and Thou. The Buberian Dialog in Therapy and Education

                                    Discussants: Prof. Tamar Kron and Dr. Asher Levy

                                    Chair: Emilia Feroni

3.5.2021                      A Call to Anarchy, Since Then to the Present Day

                                    Discussants: Prof. Shalom Ratzabi and Dr. Ofri Ilany

                                    Chair: Dr. Rachel Freudenthal

10.5.2021                    Dialogues with the Eternal Wandering Jew

                                    Discussants: Prof. Galit Hasan-Rokem and Dr. Amos Noy

                                    Chair: Dr. Dani Sharira

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