Thursday, 18/02/2021
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Oral History Workshop
Moderator: Dr. Yossi Goldstein, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Debbie Haimovitz, Haifa University
“As I tell it to you, I relive everything”
An oral history of immigration from Brasil, 1948-1964

A Zoom Meeting
18 February 2021at 18:00
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Something about me:
Debbie Haimovitz Yehoshaphat is studying at Haifa University in the Jewish Peoplehood program. She is writing a dissertation on immigration from Brasil between 1948 and 1964. She also lectures on the Portuguese language in the Department of Hotel and Tourism Administration at Ben Gurion University.

On the lecture:
Immigration to Israel is a complex matter and the decision to make aliya is influenced by a variety of factors. In the lecture I offer a glimpse into my dissertation, which focuses on the community of immigrants from Brasil. The principal objective of my research was to gain an understanding of the motivation to immigrate to Israel between 1948 and 1964.
In the in-depth interviews I conducted with immigrants they revealed their personal stories to me. In my research I studied the protagonists in the story of immigration, and the manner in which they chose to relate their tale. I was particularly attentive to the language they used and to the narrative that revealed the reasons for their immigration.

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