Reform – Sixth meeting – History, Religion, Culture

Wednesday, 03/05/2023
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Reform: History, Religion, Culture – the Event of Dr. Rabbi Leo Baeck’s 150th Anniversary

Rabbi, educator, intellectual and community leader, Leo Baeck (1873-1956) was one of the most prominent Jewish figures in pre-war Germany. The publication of his book Das Wesen des Judentums in 1905 established him as one of the leaders of Reform Judaism. With the rise of the Nazis to power, Rabbi Leo Baeck served as the leader of the German Jewish community during this dark period in history. Today his name is known from the Leo Baeck institutes in New York, London, Berlin and Jerusalem dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of German-speaking Judaism.
On this important evening, Prof. Michael Meyer and Prof. Susannah Heschel will meet for a conversation about the important legacy of Leo Baeck as a community leader, rabbi, educator and extraordinary intellectual who greatly shaped the character and legacy

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