The Population History of German Jewry by Steven Mark Lowenstein

Wednesday, 10/05/2023
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The late Steven Lowenstein was a brilliant social historian who, after retiring from his academic position at the University of Judaism, toiled for years—and up to his final days—to complete this monumental book, which is the definitive demographic history of German Jewry. Lowenstein took the research of Hebrew University demographer Professor Osiel Oscar Schmelz and brought it to life in the daily lived experiences of German Jews.
The book is organized chronologically from Napoleon to German Unification (1815-1871), Imperial Germany and then the post- World War I era through the Nazi period. Later chapters are regional and topical studies.
Lowenstein’s calling as a social historian required him to examine “every leaf on every tree in the forest;” but he never lost sight of the trees and the forest – the larger context.
We know the ending of the story of German Jewry. Lowenstein’s great achievement is to document the extraordinary demographic resources that bespoke a vibrant German Jewish culture—and made that ending especially tragic.

Join us for an evening for the book “The Population History of German Jewry” by Steven Mark Lowenstein. On this important evening Prof. Sergio Della Pergola, Prof. Shulamit Magnus and Prof. Shmuel Feiner will meet for a conversation about Loewenstein’s book and the heritage of German Jewry over the years.

The evening will be held on Wednesday, 10.05.23 at 19:00 (Israel time) at the institute and via Zoom Webinar!

Evening for the book: The Population History of German Jewry by Steven Mark Lowenstein

Chairman, Dr. Irene Aue Ben David
Greetings, Prof. Uzi Rebhun
Opening remarks: Prof. David Myers
Speakers: Prof. Sergio Della Pergola, Prof. Shulamit Magnus, Prof. Shmuel Feiner

The evening will be held in Hebrew and English
Simultaneous translation will be possible on Zoom webinar

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