Thus Far: So far here: Agnon between Buczacz Germany and Palestine

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Beit Agnon in Jerusalem

and the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem


Thus Far

Agnon between Buczacz, Germany and Palestine

A series of lectures with the leading scholars and lecturers on Agnon’s works

Haim Be’er 23 Tishrei < 2.10.2018

Bilha Ben-Eiyahu 30 Tishrei < 9.10.2018

Ariel Hirschfeld 7 Heshvan < 16.10.2018

Ruhama Albeg 14 Heshvan < 23.10.2018

Dan Miron 21 Heshvan < 30.10.2018

Galili Shahar 28 Heshvan < 6.11.2018

The first lecture will be held at Beit Agnon and is for free

16 Klausner St., Jeruslaem, Tel. 02-6716498; office@

The remaining lectures will be held at the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem, Bustenai Street 33. Entrance Fee: 40 NIS/lecture or 160 NIS for the whole series

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